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Mod Announcement: New Moderators

Hello, Animus! We are pleased to announce that, after much debate, we have come to a conclusion on the matter of the plot moderator slot.

We will be appointing BB as our new plot mod, and due to the anticipated increase in plot pacing from here on out, we'll also be moving Plus up from assistant mod to full plot mod!

Thank you to everyone who applied! Congratulations to both our new plot mods, and please give BB a warm welcome as the newest member of the Animus moderation team!

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CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! ♥ You're going to be wonderful.
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Congrats, guys!
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Awesome, congrats, you two!
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Congratulations you two!
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Congrats both! x
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Grats, BB and Plus.
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Thank you, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that a major part of the reason I'm so excited about modding here is because of all of you. Animus has an amazing playerbase in addition to a stellar mod team, and the time I've spent here so far has been absolutely wonderful because of what I've gotten to do with all of you. Mel and Cee have done a great job with the plot so far, and I really hope that Plus and I will be able help them with providing an awesome experience to all of you! Here's to a great year filled with wonderful (read: deliciously horrible) things! <3

Keep being awesome, Animooses!
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Congrats! <3