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Event: Idealism; End

On the morning of July 1, all monster characters who were not killed as humans before the end of the month will wake up with "MONSTER" written on their ceiling in blood. All memories will be returned to them of whatever happened to them while they were monsters.

Any monster who was alive at the end of the month will receive one object from home that is violent in nature. Anyone who killed a monster while they were human will receive one object from home that is nonviolent in nature. If a character did both, they will receive a violent and nonviolent regain, and get two objects back. Please reply to the regains thread in this post--regains must be approved.

All monster-related tally marks will disappear on the first. Any character who had more than five tally marks will receive a coupon for a free meal at the restaurant.

Everyone will receive the following note on July 1st:

Wasn't that fun? Some of you died and some of you lived, but I think I'm the real winner here. I always am. Don't worry, nothing's going to change around here just because of a little power shortage! My games never go off-script. Have a nice July, okay?
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Hullo! Two topics I've got questions on:

- Where do the regained items (and Ruana's note) generally appear? Are they near the bed when the character wakes up?

- Are there any plans to have the monsters reveal where they were/who they attacked, oocly? If not, could we use this post to reveal which monster attacks were ours?
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Great, thank you! It'd be neat to see who ended up turning during the month.
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Question! The apathetic monster in the barricade thread did some serious magic-draining. How long would that have lasted? I don't know who that monster was, so I can't ask.
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I can answer that, as it was me (if the mods don't mind!): the Luna Blade used isn't permanent by any means. It would've drained her heavily at the time of impact, but she can naturally regenerate her reserves back to normal afterward without much complication. So, however long that takes, I suppose.
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Thanks so much! I'm not canon-familiar, so that helps a whole lot. Just based on what we see of draining and stuff after heavy Shadow fights in P4, I'm going to say it took roughly about 4-5 days to fully regenerate - Yukiko missed about a week of school/work the first time she really got dumped into a TV and was there for a while. At her current canon point, she's had a year and a lot of experience since then, so shaving a couple days off that seems realistic. So longer than she'd have liked, but not as long as it was originally.
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No problem! I do apologize, anyway, for the inconvenience- I'd meant to send a pm via the monster account after I saw it come up on Plurk, but I got busy and it slipped my mind, oops.
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I would like Claudia to receive the belt her late husband hanged himself with.
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I'd like for Dave to receive Caldescratch back.
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Can Suzaku recieve the decorative trigger to F.L.E.I.J.A that Nunnally uses? Obviously the non working trigger...
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I'd like to request for Gilgamesh the Chains of Heaven from his myth, covered in dried blood. Technically they'd be part of his treasury, so they could either become accessible from his gates or fit in his trunk, depending on your decision.
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Can Dark Pit regain his Ogre Club?
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I'd like Neal to regain Rumplestiltskin's dagger.

It's okay if it comes sans magical powers.
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For Meiling can She have-

For her violent- A single red handled knife, with blood dried on it.

For Non-Violent- A Plush of a Chinese Dragon
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I would like Garviel to get his chainsword back. Like the one commissar cain used but bigger, basically.
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caaaaan Richtofen have the Spectre?
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I'd like to request a copy of Loveless for Sephiroth, not that he'll remember where he's heard it from/read it before of course!!!
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I kinda kept track of Gilgamesh's, uh, "progress" during the event. It's really quite sad, guys.

June 11 evening - Archer fights the original Crying Monster
June 12 evening - Archer begins turning into a Laughing Monster; dies fighting Ganondorf; handwaved
June 13 evening - Monster!Archer kills Doc Brown; handwaved
June 15 evening - Monster!Archer dies fighting Ganondorf; handwaved
June 19 evening - Monster!Archer dies fighting Lancer
June 20 evening (approx.) - Monster!Archer dies fighting Katsuya and Ken
June 25 evening - Monster!Archer kills Legolas
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Well, to follow up Gilgamesh before me (sorry I was trying to front as you or someone similar for a while bro), if people didn't realize it by now: hi, I was your original Apathetic Monster. Punching rights go to Jamie, but everyone else is free to take a shot too.

June 09 evening - Apathy kills the OU Luke
June 09 evening - and Makoto Naegi...
June 09 evening - and Sephiran, also on Floor 100... (this just isn't a good floor)
June 09, 9:30pm - Anise the Monster Whisperer and AU Luke. I don't even have any idea what this is.
June 10 evening - skirmishes with Hakuno, but we'll say she got away.
June 10 midnight - swords fall, everyone dies; you know what screw you too Ganon- and I guess Nesir was there too. yay tag teams with Crying?
June 15, 11:30pm - you know, I still really don't know... I'm sure Richtofen had fun teaching Sheba of the dangers of cameras, though, though poor Enoch showed up too late to witness it.
June 16 evening - paying respects to canonmate #1 at the graveyard (Chung killed)
~June 17/18/19? evening - making your barricades even more unsafe.
June 19 evening - double kill vs Elsword, whoops