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Event: Individuation; Pre-Event

In the earliest hours of the morning on August 9, there's what sounds like a series of massive explosions in the residential elevator shaft. The elevator plummets--anyone who happened to be in it at the time was killed, though they wouldn't be able to tell if it was in the explosion itself or the fall that must have followed.

A hurried network post goes up--although Jason doesn't stick around to talk, it's clear he believes the explosions to have been set by some of the residents, although he doesn't know who.

In spite of Jason's warning, however, it seems fairly quiet for now...
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Do the administrators fix the elevator straight away or is it broken for a while?
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What sort of 'early hours' are we talking; before everyone would usually be heading down for breakfast or...?
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Can characters trick out the elevator doors again to try to see what kind of damage has been done to the shaft? If so, what would they see?