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SCIENCE // Collar Fluid Research || Plotting & Sign-Ups

Heya Animus! Last month we've had the collar boycott resulting with residents getting collar fluids. Upon trying to examine it, Doc Brown & Waver requested science equipment and as a result the Massive Infiltration happened to find what they needed. Well now we know at least one of the team found a way to retrieve the requested materials: it worked!

By August 23rd, Doc Brown, Waver and also Sephiroth [OU] will all have gotten a set of science instruments thanks to the infiltration. And now the biggest part is ahead: to pierce out the secrets of the collar fluid and subsequently find a way to unchain the characters's true powers. But Doc, Waver and Sephiroth won't be enough to get this accomplished. Not only more scientists will be required, but also fighters to defend them from monsters while they work and movers to keep the instruments and results hidden from the administrators.

To achieve this, it's going to require a lot of characters working together over a long period of time. It doesn't matter if your character is apart of Pandora, the Evil Alliance, another group or on their own-- This project is entirely independent of any affiliation.

As said above it's going to be very, very lengthy; the research is going to last months. The molecular structure of what composes the collar liquid is unique to tower-world and none of the character will be familiar with it. On top of the research work, characters will have to find out the new elements, study the new molecules to discover how they work, etc.

The research should be completed by January at the latest, but we may finish it by Christmas or earlier if enough characters join in. Furthermore, the current scientists got their hands on a few collar fluids, but ideally they'd need access to every color: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Transparent. The scientists now have access to all the fluids, but more donation would probably make testing easier! Anyone lending their fluid for the research will obviously be given the complete results. So far the Scientists have the following fluids available to them:

Violet (x2)
Indigo (x1.5)
Blue (x1)
Green (x1)
Yellow (x1)
Orange (x1)
Clear (x2)

The researches will be divided into seven groups, one for each collar fluid but they'll have to work very closely for the first few months so as to learn about the new elements and molecular structures as quickly as possible. Below are descriptions of the positions that need to be filled-- Like for the massive infiltration, word of it will go through CR channels and rumors. However, it will not be spoken of on the network as it is of utmost importance to keep the researches secret from the administrators. In the end, pretty much any character can sign-up.

Scientist (Professional)
This position is for characters with very advanced scientific knowledge. Generally the kind of characters who have years of scientific studies behind them and have made of science their profession. Of course it can vary, they don't need to be scientists of profession as long as they have the adequate knowledge and skills, but you get the picture. Ideally each team should have one of those.

Scientist (Intermediate)
This position is for characters skilled with science as well. Their scientific knowledge and skills are above average, but not on par with professional scientists. Still, they can conduct researches on their own, just less easilly than the professional scientists can.

Assistants won't conduct the researches themselves but mostly follow orders from the Scientists and help the research to go smoothly and at a steady pace. Only a very basic level of scientific knowledge is required to be an assistant. Their task will mainly be to follow the orders given to them by the scientists, keep the workplaces from getting messy, organize the results and be a link between the different teams. The level of a high-school student who did good in science class is enough for that position, or any equivalent your world's character may have. It is possible to be assistant as well with little to no scientific knowledge, by focusing mostly on the paperwork and communication between groups.

As the scientists will have to work a lot, monsters are meant to interrupt them. That's what bodyguards are for, making sure no monster can slow down the researches, so that the science team can keep working without worrying about them. Absolutely no scientific knowledge is required for that position. All that is required is that your character be able to fight and keep the monsters away from the scientists and their assistants.

Retrieval units may stalk some of those involved in the researches and every midnight, the instruments will have to be hidden so that the units cannot take them away during the hidden hours. This is what movers are there for: to displace the scientists and materials as quickly as possible whenever needed. Much like for the bodyguard position, no scientific knowledge is required for that position. Characters who can carry a lot of things, teleport items and/or people instantly or who can move at very great speed fit perfectly for that position.

You can sign up as many of your characters as you want! Aside from a probable log where the current scientists will explain the situation to everyone signing up, there won't be any required participation or NPC tags. Think of it as a job that's going to last month, which you can include in your logs, etc. Characters can only be assigned to one job, except for the bodyguards and mover position which they can both fulfill if they so desire. Sign-ups for this will never close, at least not until the researches's completion in a couple months.

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Edgeworth gave some yellow collar liquid to Diarmuid, if I'm correct? I think Diarmuid then gave that to Waver but I could be wrong.

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[personal profile] axeforasong 2013-08-17 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Mayu can donate Orange collar fluid.
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Per above post by Edgeworth's mun!

Add one yellow fluid container to your tally! The one that Wiggle and Edgeworth snagged during the night session was given to Diarmuid so he could pass it to Waver for the team. You can already consider in it their possession if you want or it can be delivered at a later time once the actual work begins. (If not already in your guys' possession, it is being stored in the sauna lockers.)

Since they originally were the ones that grabbed the container, I would like to request that both Wriggle and Edgeworth be given any information that is found out about the fluids. Thanks!
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[personal profile] puppy_lancer 2013-08-17 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Rei has the green fluid and is willing to give it to the science team if anyone tells her about it!
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Kyoko will share her indigo collar fluid
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Sephiroth [AU2] and Nue have a container of clear fluid to share. It is really Nue's, but Sephiroth is going to contribute it anyway, and Nue will go along with it, however grumpily.
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Hidetoshi will be willing to donate his blue collar fluid to the science team if somebody tells him about it

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Dave has half a container of Indigo fluid he can hand over.
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Veronica can donate some yellow liquid if they need it.
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[personal profile] bashfulshifter 2013-08-17 07:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: [OU] Patrick Dawn
Series: Original Character

Position: Bodyguard/Mover - although I would prefer if he can be an assistant, should the position be available!
Group Preference: No preference!
Notes: maybe this time he'll be a useful part of Team Science
OH RIGHT I guess I should mention how he could actually be useful ah--well, shapeshifter, for starters. His horse/tiger forms can cover a lot of ground quickly while carrying a lot of things, dinosaur can protect fairly well. Unfortunately, if his powers were disabled, he's...fairly useless, training aside.
As an assistant, Rick is always willing to follow orders and is, in general, just a really agreeable person to work with. His job back home was in accounting, so he's good at keeping track of numbers/taking notes/formulas/bookkeeping in general. Also he'll keep the lab really neat and tidy!
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wrong account whoops

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Name: [OU] Raven
Series: Elsword

Position: Mover, bodyguard(?), both(????- what are people skills)
Group Preference: He'd actually probably be interested in Blue first, then Yellow...
Notes: hi would you like a list of my credentials because uh all they amount to is basically technological dimensional bag of holding and short-range(?*) space tearing/blink stepping/flash stepping/whatever you want to call it. ...and then there's just vanilla enhanced speed too i guess. yup.
oh and i guess he likes killing things. it's good stress relief.

*noted as short range but tbf I really don't know since canon doesn't exactly demonstrate the limits . . . but yeah he's good with a sword and can travel through non-powered areas decently enough too since not particularly reliant on powers to fight.
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Name: [OU] Xion
Series: Kingdom Hearts

Position: Bodyguard
Group Preference: No preference
Notes: Xion as a general rule will do better when working with friends and more importantly will have a great deal of trouble working at all with people she has a chronic history of not getting along with (most particularly Ganon, though I'm not sure he's involved)
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Name: [OU] Miles Edgeworth
Series: Ace Attorney

Position: Assistant.
Group Preference: No preference! As long as he's not working with bad guys. Or rather not people he knows are bad guys.
Notes: Edgeworth is a prosecutor and his job involves examining corpses, gathering evidence and presenting it in court. He'd know about shit like fingerprints and blood and sometimes little minute things like how to detect which costume a piece of stray thread comes from. He's not a super keen scientist like Ema Skye but he has some decent knowledge at least.
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Name: [OU] Suzaku Kururugi
Series: Code Geass

Position: Bodyguard
Group Preference: Really don't mind

Name: [OU] Shion
Series: No. 6

Position: Scientist (Intermediate)
Group Preference: Again no preference
Notes: He might be a derp but I can promise that he's good at science! (Example: in canon he is working towards using a serum to stop parasite bees using his own blood) He's no professional though since he got expelled for kindness at the age of twelve. yup

Name: [OU] Taiki
Series: 12 Kingdoms

Position: Mover
Group Preference: Any
Notes: He's a unicorn, so as long as he switches first and they make some sort of panniers/basket thing for him he can fly, go at incredible speeds and phase through solid matter with the materials, even on non powered floors he can run at the speed of an average horse.
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Name: [AU1] Mayu
Series: Vocaloid

Position: Bodyguard
Group Preference: Any, though she'd probably find the Orange most interesting (since it's hers)
Notes: She's... not actually as good with her axe as you might think but at least she's entheusiastic?
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Name: [OU] Colette Brunel
Series: Tales of Symphonia

Position: Bodyguard/mover. She can fight and pick up grown men with one hand and little effort, so....LOL.
Group Preference: No preference
Notes: None!
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Name: [OU] chaos
Series: Xenosaga

Position: Bodyguard/Mover.
Group Preference: No preference.
Notes: None right now!
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Name: [OU] Zelda
Series: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Position: Assistant, though she'll be better off on the organization/diplomacy front than the actual sciencey bits sob what is science
Group Preference: No preference aside from not working with the villains
Notes: Zelda will also act as a liaison between the scientists and R-037/Aria, passing her reports of their progress during her collar check ups every two weeks :|b
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Name: [AU3] Riku Replica
Series: Kingdom Hearts

Position: Bodyguard/Mover
Group Preference: No preference!
Notes: He can move people/objects via dark corridor if necessary.

Also if you need a test subject for any reason, I can volunteer my other dude for that. :D
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Name: [OU] Sephiroth
Series: Final Fantasy VII: Compliation

Position:Scientist (Intermediate), though can double as Bodyguard.
Group Preference: Violet, he's only going to be interested in unlocking his own soul of course! Though he also would help with any work on the Transparent liquid since it's an enigma which he obviously needs to know about.
Notes: Sephiroth will only ever bring enough violet collar liquid (via tubes/beakers etc in the science kit) to any one experimentation session. He's confident he's already hidden the tank of the stuff well enough through Ganondorf and it's dangerous to trust anyone else. Because of this he's probably going to need some Movers to help keep the containing vessels (and the rest of the contents of his science kit) for the liquid safe between experimenting sessions. Also it's worth to note here a reminder to keep it IC: Sephiroth will not share secrets easily and at least to start with will be having enough of a difficulty on his own to get over that nagging resemblance doing science gives him with his disowned father. Prove yourself useful to him though and he'll behave well enough for the sake of discovery - though don't expect, at any point, any shining moments of friendliness.
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Name: [OU] Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer)
Series: Fate/

Position: Bodyguard/Mover
Group Preference: Since Diarmuid is Waver's Servant, he would want to be in the same group as his Master. What color of fluid that group is working on doesn't matter to him. He will, however, be willing to help anyone who needs him or asks for help.
Notes: Super speed and agility are his thing, so if it comes down to it, he can get people and or items away very quickly. Waver also has his Command Spells so that if things go really badly wrong, those could be used to instantaneously make him do something that might not otherwise be possible.

As long as powers are still working that is... X.x

However, even without powers, he is a skilled fighter and carries non-magical weapons with him at all times, so he would be able to buy time for others to get away if it came down to that.

Despite having had a hand in some Resistance activities, Diarmuid has avoided gaining a retrieval unit to follow him so far.


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