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Event: Quarantine; Part 2

There are a few more explosions today, this time on floors 101 and 100. Floor 101 becomes completely unreachable, buried in rubble. Floor 100 is very difficult to traverse, but it's possible to move through it.

Late in the night there is a mechanical rumbling within the rooms of those trapped. After a few minutes, a small door slides open--it appears to be a very small lift fit only for items, and items are what it delivers. There are five bottles of water and syringes labeled with the name of one of the individuals in the room. The color of the fluid in the syringes matches the collar color of the individual they're intended for. There's also a note:

Temporary supplies. Will try to send more if necessary. Syringes are in place of collar checkups. Inject them into your arm, you don't need to try and find a vein. If you don't apply the syringes, you'll pass out, but someone else can inject it into someone who's unconscious and they'll wake back up in an hour or two. Injections cause a few side effects, but they're temporary.

The syringes, when injected, do as indicated, although they come with side effects as warned: headaches, dizziness, and temporary loss of powers. Powers will be lost for one to two days after using the injection. Still, it's better than being unconscious, right?

The silence in the dormitory levels has become a bit eerie. It's not long before it begins to be broken: for now, whispers outside the doors, as if people were talking and giggling to each other. Footsteps, occasionally, up and down the hallways. And if you make too much noise, or if you bang on the door, something bangs back, and claws at the door. It's impossible to tell what's there, though--no abilities work through the door of the room. Still, it doesn't appear as if anything can get inside...

Meanwhile, a loudspeaker announcement sounds off in the lower levels of the Tower. The emergency lights are on downstairs, at least, though everything is an unsettling shade of red. It's Riki.

"Working on restoration from down here, but I need your help to move the rubble upstairs. You see anything that looks like a bomb, leave it alone. Don't know what they look like, sorry. Should be able to give more specific instructions tomorrow for helping."

For now, it looks like just getting rid of the largest bits of debris will be the task at hand. Still, it's going to be impossible to get to the dormitory levels in just one day.
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How long do the headaches and dizziness last?
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Thank you!
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Is there a syringe for each person in a room? I'm sort of confused.
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Do the collar checkup dates still apply as normal? For example, can someone with a violet collar hold onto their syringe until the 28th before they pass out, or is every trapped person's deadline now this day?
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Just popping in with another syringe question: if the character had already gone to checkup the same day as the initial explosion, would they still wind up with a syringe in the delivery?
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Bomb question! Would they actually find any, if so, how high are the chances?
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For those trapped outside, specifically floor 101--given the rough number of people in Dani's mingle, how long do you think it took that group to clear the way to floor 100? Would they just be breaking out when the second set of explosions happens, or would they already be dispersing through the rest of the Tower, or am I just being optimistic and they're actually doomed?
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Good deal! I'll interpret as "just entering 100" and go from there, if I end up doing this next mingle thing. Thanks bunches!
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What precisely is the debris comprised of? Metal vs wood, super dense and heavy vs. just kind of bulky and in the way, etc.

And just to be 100% clear, this team would not have found much resistance in getting to the lower levels outside of the usual Tower fare, correct? Just the risk of monsters, no debris outside of the stuff blocking off the dorms?

Also, after getting to the infirmary, if Zelda were to bring in a note asking Aria if she knows what's going on, would she a) be able to even find Aria, and b) get a response?

/asks too many questions, gomen
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Late question on the needles, but what will happen if someone decides for the good of SCIENCE to forgo their shot (or not use all of it) so that fluid can be studied? (The fluid has side effects per Riki's note and they usually don't have those with a collar change so it must be different, right? X.x) Obviously, they will pass out per Riki's warning, but what will happen to them after the event should they not die during the course of the event (since we don't know how this will end)? Would a unit come for them like for those who refuse normal collar changes or will there be other consequences?

If it makes any difference, the person will likely be a violet collar because...heroes. X.x