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Activity Check: Results

The following characters have been removed for not meeting activity requirements and may be applied for:
[OU] Elsword [personal profile] eldork
[OU] Hakuno Kishinami [personal profile] doesnotgetit
[OU] Jenna [personal profile] flamingjustice
[OU] Saturos [personal profile] heatflash
[OU] Tavros Nitram [personal profile] pushedaround
[OU] Veigar [personal profile] isthatashortjoke/[profile] adorablyevilish
[OU] Merciless [profile] sacramentofblood
[OU] Naoto Shirogane [personal profile] detecting
[OU] Yosuke Hanamura [personal profile] princeofjunes
[OU] Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear [personal profile] idealizer
[OU] Van Grants [personal profile] gloryseizing
[OU] Bernkastel [personal profile] wittlich
[OU] Xue'Kol [personal profile] snowyvalemaiden/[personal profile] snowdriftassassin
[AU2] Kariya Matou [personal profile] infesting
[AU4] Karna (Lancer) [profile] vasavishkati

The following characters have taken a second chance and must provide double activity next AC:
[OU] Danielle Phantom [personal profile] withani
[OU] Kanji Tatsumi [personal profile] get_bent
[OU] Allen Walker [personal profile] odetothefallen
[OU] Yuu Kanda [personal profile] lotuslover
[OU] Kyosuke Kiryu [personal profile] darkestsatisfaction
[OU] Diana [personal profile] pale_cascade
[OU] Riku Replica [personal profile] acceptedoblivion
[OU] Lightning Farron [personal profile] guardianlight
[OU] Raven [personal profile] unkindnessof
[AU1] Doc Brown [personal profile] doc_brown
[AU2] Sephiroth [profile] pinacculum
[AU3] Riku Replica [personal profile] keywrite

The following characters were on hiatus for this AC:
[OU] Gamzee Makara [personal profile] hystericull
[OU] England [personal profile] keepscalm
[OU] Garviel Loken [personal profile] greyerrant
[OU] Fon Master Ion (Original) [personal profile] fonlines
[OU] Aqua [personal profile] humility
[OU] America [personal profile] colonial
[OU] Sheba [personal profile] seekinganswers
[OU] Anise Tatlin [personal profile] forhislegacy
[OU] Dio [personal profile] duplicitousringleader
[OU] Prince Zuko [personal profile] rebelprince
[OU] Fado [personal profile] lookmanostrings
[AU1] Jin Shirato [personal profile] morituramfides
[AU1] Jade Strider [personal profile] reddeadvirtuoso
[AU6] Lord El-Melloi II [personal profile] fionnuisce
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[personal profile] pinnaculum 2013-11-10 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Sephiroth had enough AC, and I posted it for him, he just hadn't been mentioned on the warned list when I posted.