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Activity Check: Results

The following characters have been removed for not meeting activity requirements and may be applied for:
[OU] Simon Petrikov [personal profile] icebutnice
[OU] Allen Walker [personal profile] odetothefallen
[OU] Raven [personal profile] unkindnessof
[OU] Alex (Arcanus) [personal profile] mywayofhelping
[OU] Isaac [personal profile] planmaker
[AU1] Sheba [personal profile] aprothyma
[AU2] Dave Strider [personal profile] turntechtrainer
[AU1] Xemnas [personal profile] firstnothing
[OU] Diana [personal profile] pale_cascade
[OU] Fon Master Ion (Original) [personal profile] fonlines
[OU] Wrathion [personal profile] blackspite

The following characters have taken a second chance and must provide double activity next AC:
[OU] David "Little David" Puskás [personal profile] megazero_to_superhero
[OU] Sephiran [personal profile] thelordsage
[OU] Sheba [personal profile] seekinganswers
[OU] Anise Tatlin [personal profile] forhislegacy
[OU] Dio [personal profile] duplicitousringleader
[OU] Colette [personal profile] clumsyjesus
[OU] Riku [personal profile] justabignobody
[OU] Henry [personal profile] bloodlessons
[AU6] Terra [personal profile] earthshards
[OU] Zuko [personal profile] rebelprince
[OU] Aqua [personal profile] humility
[OU] Fado [personal profile] lookmanostrings

The following characters were on hiatus for this AC:
[AU1] Kachessa Crim [personal profile] falseidentity
[AU9] Claudia Hortensia [personal profile] sicharia
[OU] Nue Houjuu [personal profile] undefines
[OU] Shinji Matou (Extra) [personal profile] looselips
[OU] Zelda (OoT) [personal profile] sageprincess
[OU] Shiro/Wretched Egg [personal profile] taintedwhite
[OU] Hagire Rinichiro [personal profile] hemoeroticism
[OU] Wilhelm [personal profile] oforder
[AU1] Chidori Yoshino [personal profile] floreatnoctem
[OU] Asagi [personal profile] irreverence
[OU] Kirei Kotomine [personal profile] god_damned
[OU] Dave Strider [personal profile] knightime
[OU] Yu Kanda [personal profile] lotuslover
[OU] John Egbert [personal profile] longwinded
[OU] Elena [personal profile] provenworth
[OU] Shion [personal profile] savedbyasong
[OU] Suzaku Kururugi [personal profile] swordofzero
[OU] Samwise Gamgee [personal profile] undroppedeaves
[OU] Capell [profile] regenlief
[OU] Nesir Aesir [personal profile] culbutiri
[OU] Romeo [personal profile] myblueskies
[OU] Taiki [personal profile] notagiraffe
[OU] Neal Cassidy [personal profile] wegotlucky
[AU3] Revolver Ocelot [personal profile] notayoungkitten