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Collar Fluid Research Update

A breakthrough in the collar research happens this month: the fluid contents have been successfully separated out. Most of the compounds are used for various kinds of stabilization and cannot be removed from the mix without killing the subject. One, however, is of note: it nullifies the true abilities the characters have. It would be easy enough to create collar fluid compounds that do not have this drug--somewhat more difficult would be figuring out how to get it into the collars. Still, if managed, real abilities would slowly return.

Provided a way to replace the collar fluid can be discovered, the following rules and restrictions apply to returned abilities:

1. Upon receiving the new liquid, all powers will be nullified for one week. Real and glamour powers are completely inactive.
2. After one week, real abilities will slowly return. They will start out quite weak and will only return to full strength after one month, with a few exceptions.
3. Characters will not be able to access any abilities that involve traveling to a different dimension or universe. Characters cannot utilize any form of astral projection, or in general any abilities which require their soul to completely leave their body. This means some forms of possession are still not allowed, although others might be. Ask if you're not sure. Characters cannot teleport or otherwise "fast travel" into the administrative levels or through the elevator shafts. Characters cannot regain immortality or near-immortality.
4. Attempting to use extremely destructive, wide-range abilities will result in the Tower rendering the character unconscious. This would be along the lines of anything that would affect/ruin the entire Tower or a large portion of the Tower.
5. If a character dies or otherwise has their collar fluid replaced with normal collar fluid, they must repeat the process again to regain their real abilities.

As always, if you have any questions, you can ask under the thread!

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