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Event: Into An Abyss; Part Three

The week is fairly quiet given what's already happening, although the void on floor twenty-three grows and grows until it swallows up nearly all of the floor. As soon as the edge of the void touches the wall of the Tower over the weekend, there's a crackle and a flickering as even the emergency lights turn off in the Tower. Only the infirmary is lit at all, and the nearly completed construction outside shudders and twists as power is rerouted to keep it stable.

And then something comes out of the void...

Meanwhile, Aria's voice comes on over the loudspeaker. There's a strange, distorted background tone, but her voice is understandable.

"Guys, listen--Jason is coming. The infirmary's the safest place for now, but I don't know how long we have. If anyone's capable of defending the infirmary, we could really use the help. And, anyone without any special powers who's willing to do something dangerous, please come see me. You won't have to fight anything."

The plague doctor creatures now attack anyone they notice, regardless of collar--but they are weakest against those with orange collars, and they seem to find it difficult to spot the orange collared characters. They are still immune to the attacks of any character with a yellow or higher collar, as well as enchanted objects used by orange-collared characters.

Aria will request that characters with orange collars and no abilities do a few supply runs for some retrieval units working upstairs on floor 101 to connect their construction to the rest of the Tower. This is a mission relying mostly on stealth, as the plague doctors cannot be led to the location of the retrieval units, lest they all get taken away. Of course, if the plague doctors spot the characters doing the supply runs, death may quickly follow. The elevators do not work for the duration of this event.

A mingle log for supply runs has been provided here. Characters will be supplying food, water, and various machinery.

Characters will not be revived until the twenty-fifth of December if they die during this event.

NOTE: I (Mel) would like to extend a formal apology for the delays in this event. I should have passed along some responsibilities when I had a few unexpected extenuating circumstances. Because this was my failure, there will be some extra content this week; it won't be especially strenuous content because I know a lot of people will probably be busy for the holidays, but it'll be a fun thing for you guys that will be followed by regains. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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If a character doesn't have an orange collar, but they also don't have powers at the moment (they got the new collar fluid WHOOPS), would they be eligible for the supply-running?

edit: also, would new collar fluid have any affect on the plague doctor's level of aggression?
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If a character is currently completely powerless due to the collar fluid swap, they would be able to do supply runs. Plague doctors would be less likely to notice them than powered characters, but more likely to notice them than orange-collared characters.
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SWEET. Thanks!
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In line with the question Axel-mun asked, how effective would a non-orange collared person be against the plague doctor goons if they've had the new fluid filtered in and are currently powerless?
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They would be overwhelmed pretty quickly. Stealth is the best option because of how many there are at this point.
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Belated but - I assume the "must go back to rooms to sleep once a week" is still in effect?
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