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Event: Recharge?; Part One

Early on Monday morning, before most are likely to be up, a serious of cacophonous explosions, likely familiar by now to the residents, rocks the Tower. These are more violent than all previous, though, and ripple up and down the Tower's core--anyone on the staircase at the time will be killed. The damage done is obvious to any who explore: all along the central spiral staircase, the Tower's spine is exposed and sparking. It consists of a maze of wires, tubes of unknown substances, film, and computer chips, but it's impossible to get close enough to touch anything, as the shocks seem to be made of more than just electricity, and direct exposure kills in a short period of time.

It's not long after that when the power, already flickering, begins fluctuating wildly. Indeed, everything except the glamour seems to be extremely unreliable. That explosion must have done something to what little power supplies the Tower has left...

The results begin to show themselves later on Monday--little ripples out of the corner of characters' eyes whenever they draw near to the staircase. Shimmering air and little holes floating just out of reach. And it's not quite visible yet, but where these abnormalities are, there's something beyond them...
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[personal profile] rampantfantasy 2014-01-27 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
If a character threw something at the wires from a distance, what happens?
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Is the staircase safe to traverse after the initial blasts?
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On a similar note, what about the elevator shaft/elevator doors?

Basically if I had a certain half-ghost kid who wanted to phase her head through the elevator door to shout down the shaft for whoever it is with the explosions to cut it out, would she be able to do so?
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Would these holes appear to be some form of breach in reality as far as anyone can tell? And do they give off some form of light or energy.