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Event: Leashes

When you wake up this Monday morning, you may find yourself leashed to another person in the tower (or maybe two), although these leashes are visible only to you and seem to have an unlimited amount of give between them. You will experience the emotions of your partner(s) while you are connected; while they may seem somewhat less urgent than your own emotions, they will still be very obvious in the back of your mind. Sensations are also, to some degree, shared across this link--the more extreme the sensation, the more it will be felt.

Of course, if your partner dies, you die as well, experiencing the same feelings. Has your leashmate drowned in the pool? You'll feel as if you're drowning on dry land. Burned alive in the oven? You'll feel every flicker of flame.

You may use this post to plan with your partners or ask questions about the event.

Re: Questions?

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Kind of a dumb question, but the leashes can pass through walls and other characters and whatnot, right?

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My pairs:

[ou] Romano - [au] Signless
[ou] Karkat - [ou] Russia
[ou] Dean - [ou] Kanaya

Come at me bros. 8|

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I plan on tagging Dean's intro post with Kanaya!
But other than that idk what we should do
He tries to.... hunt her or something idk

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benigncancer: (Smile)

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I never did an open post for Signless' arrival, since he was busy saving Psiioniic and doing things in other posts. So I'm going to do a general open post where he's also looking for Romano, if that works for you? XD

Dapper, no doubt

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Well hi there! It looks like Karkat is stuck with a rather sober Russian. What shall we do, what shall we do? -ponders-

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Plot plot plot. \o/

Lloyd here is stuck with Romana.


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HELLO DON'T MIND HER SHE'S EVEN BITCHIER but she has a nice ass and legs so it evens out? idk

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P-Plotting here for those stuck with Hungary and Taiwan!\o/

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...oh sup Taiwan. There's a fairy alien on the other side of your leash. Wat do?

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thekidsare0kay: (facepalm)

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Sup Hungary! You get the bipolar nerdy troll with the epic lisp.

I'm very, very sorry about that.

He tends to get moodswings, and he's had a pretty much constant headache since he arrived, due to the 'voices of the imminently deceased' that he hears in his head. Here in Animus, it's worse than usual, though he's practiced at ignoring it.

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Plotting for Karasu and Feferi, right here~ >D

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Oh hai.

Rose is attached to you.

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tothelastbreath: (preoccupied)

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Plotting forrrrr [OU] Tavros - Homestuck | [OU] Allen Walker - D.Gray-man!


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HELLO, holy crap I am sorry this is so late but.


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Ven here is paired up with OU Dave.

Come here man.

Are you ready for happy?

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I hope Ven is ready for ALL OF THE SAD.

This will be hilarious, they'll just cancel each other out.

But yeah Dave is having an emotional week. Oh dear. 8|

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thisclinchesit: (Are you telling the truth?)

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YO HENRY. Are you ready to feel half-boiled? :D

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eeeeee I am so excited \o/

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lamentless: (this is a stick)

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this is going to go horribly

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So I heard you were looking for a horselover

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VIETNAM AND NAMINE. Awww Namine so cute ;3;

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what what ;3;

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Poland's already sick of this.
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John Harley for America and Ed Elric for Liet here.


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Plotting with Chiaki here.

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Molly Hayes and Psiioniic


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Moooolllyyyy! I'm sorry, welcome to repeated panic attacks, shooting phantom pains anytime he thinks something rebellious, and major mood swings. Oh yeah, and the near-constant migraine from the voices of the soon-to-be-dead in his mind.

Do you want to start a post, or should I? What colour is her collar? His is blue.

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comments here before i'm surely late to the post (probably already am oops)

lithuania looking for au feferi right here!!!! u///u

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oh hi~ uwu i hope you were ready for a teenage girl having boy problems

because she's depressed right now

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