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Event: Leashes; END

The leashes disappear without much fuss the next time the characters wake up. Each charcter who was leashed to another receives the following note:

Thank you for participating in part one of our expriment.

Part one?

Additionally, enchancements have been made to the Tower. An announcement can be heard throughout the Tower:

The first block of the tower has been completed.

Next to the staircase there are now a series of wheelchair ramps. The angle is not particularly steep, and there is a small upraised section that seems to be intended to keep people from tumbling off the side, but it would still be possible if you approached too quickly. Still, it's better than nothing, right? Additionally, an elevator has been added, although it only goes from the top floor of the dormitory to the cafeteria.

One new dormitory level has been added to the tower.

Floor Twenty: No flying/hovering powers work on this floor. This floor is simply a floor opening into the outside. Unlike the others, though, there is a stone ramp that leads up around the outside of the tower. It doesn't stretch far yet, stopping just below the lowest dormitory level. It's a bit bumpy if you're on wheels, and there are bits that have crumbled away, but as long as you aren't moving too fast and nothing startles you, you shouldn't fall off.

Floor Nineteen: A second library graces the tower, bu this one isn't so user friendly. It's definitely a research library, and the texts are all thick. There are many subjects covered, but the technology, psychology, and astral projection sections all have large gaps in them, as if books have been hastily removed. The history section has been removed entirely, although its shelves remain.

Floor Eighteen: There are many desks and tables available here, similar to a large study room. A few reference books are scattered about as well, although none of them explain anything about the Tower or the world it inhabits. The lights have a tendency to change brightness on their own--the dimmer they get, the more sounds you can hear. Is someone trying to claw their way through the wall? Are they knocking on the floor? Is someone breathing on your neck right behind you?

You must just be hearing things.

Floor Seventeen: There's nothing in this floor except walls, a floor and ceiling, bloody handprints and screaming.

Floor Sixteen: This floor doesn't seem to exist. That is, there is a staircase and black, bottomless pits stretching far beyond what seems possible in all directions, given there are sections of the tower above and below. Want to jump off? You'll plummet to your death. Want to fly up or out? At first you'll have no trouble, but if you go far enough to lose sight of the stairs, you'll enter thick clouds of glass shards.

Floor Fifteen: This floor is a workshop. There are tables and tools available, as well as a variety of materials, from cloth to wood to metal. Of course, none of the safety devices look particularly well-made. As long as you're careful, though, it shouldn't matter.

Floor Fourteen: This floor is a media room--there are large televisions, gaming consoles, music, and movies available, although all of it seems to require a machine that is plugged into the tower in this room and can't be removed. Music from home is available, although the movies and games provided don't seem to quite match anything that exists in any world. There are couches, chairs, and beanbag chairs available. Of course, the televisions don't always work properly: sometimes idle televisions will turn on and display static. Sometimes, a face will appear, watching you as you move through the room or down the stairs.
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... Charles loves you guys ;_;

And oooo new floors, they seem neat and creepy and cool.

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Can you find your way back to the stairs after flying into the nice glass shard clouds?

look at me already causing problems and asking questions
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Sollux spends every day on floor 14 forever now, thanks.

17 is amazing