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Event: Experiment; Beginnings

As the tower slides from Saturday into Sunday, letters are passed to certain residents of the tower, placing them in a group. What does the group mean? Well, who knows yet. They don't all arrive at once, trickling in over the course of a week.

Of more important note? Red-collared retrieval units appear and remove the following characters from the tower:

Romeo ([ profile] spiritsup)
France ([ profile] creme_master)
Milagro ([ profile] princesslantern)
Ψiioniic ([ profile] 2nd_dii2ciiple)
Germany ([ profile] cantgetlaidin)
Kanaya ([ profile] grimauxilatrix)
Romana ([ profile] tomatatas)
Dean ([ profile] gimmepie)

If they put up a fight, they are instantly knocked out without so much as the units even touching them. Anyone attempting to interfere in this process is knocked out as well, but will awaken still within the usual areas of the tower long after they can do anything to help.