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Event: Malfunction; Stage Two

A voice--young, female--over an intercom system:

"Things aren't really going so well right now, are they? I think it's time to redecorate. Hold on a little while, okay?"

The tower shifts, and shifts fast--it shakes and whirs, and all the floors fall away one by one except for the cafeteria level, which is mysteriously empty of anything that might suggest it was once a cafeteria. There's only a hollow tower and a staircase spiraling up into darkness leading to the empty top of the tower. There are no beds, no food, no anything except a large, empty room.

And the monsters, of course.

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[personal profile] justgetseconds 2012-01-04 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question! Would Conchita still be able to eat anything and everything, or would that be nullified?
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[personal profile] maiiau 2012-01-05 08:43 am (UTC)(link)
As long as she's not too close to a monster she can eat whatever she wants (except the walls and floor).