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Event: Experiment; Stage One

The characters who received special experimentation return to the tower, dropped off in the cafeteria level in the morning. Of course, characters who received notes placing them in a group have an additional worry:

When waking up, those who are participating in the experiments will find that they are all waking up at 9am. Even if they don't remember falling asleep, they wake up in their beds. Even if they usually wake up earlier or later. There is a note waiting for them.

Thank you for electing to participate in our experiment! While you were sleeping, we have finished preparations.

While the characters don't know it, they will be subject to various effects either in behavior, sensory, or emotional manipulation, as decided by their group. As the experiment goes on, further levels will reveal themselves; while you do not have to move your character up to the next level if you don't want to, you can't move back once you've moved up.

Group A - Obedience Group (level one): While walking or moving or even blinking, characters will tend to fall into a rhythm. This is most obvious when walking with another group A member, as they will walk, breathe, and blink in time. Becoming aware of it allows you to stop this behavior, but inattention will bring it back. Characters will also receive small electric shocks when doing something that would break a rule in the Tower.

Group B - Paranoia Group (level one): Characters will begin to grow more suspicious, not only of the Tower but of others in it. After all, with all these strangers, who says every one of them was kidnapped and brought here? Wouldn't it be easier to keep an eye on the captives if there were spies?

Group C - Sensory Group (level one): Characters in this group will begin hallucinating. It's minor--feeling like someone is touching you when they're not, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, smelling faint scents or hearing vague whispers. But doesn't it just seem like someone is trying to get your attention?

Group D - Sloth Group (level one): The situation in the Tower feels a bit more hopeless than it did the day before. It's enough to make you unhappy, really. Not extremely unhappy, but unhappy. After all, your home is destroyed, you're trapped here... Well, it only makes sense, right?

All of these effects can be resisted by the characters. It will grow more difficult to resist as the levels increase.

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Those with the special experimentation! What state of clothing would they be in?

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Tying up at the back I presume?

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What actually ARE the rules of the tower?
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Okay, I read what Eridan-mun asked, but... is there anything else those in Group A would do?

Would they suddenly just--stop questioning things, like, and be really obedient? No picking fights, etc.? Or...?

DOES THIS QUESTION EVEN MAKE SENSE. Sob, Link has been looking for a way out but she's not one prone to breaking much aside from pottery and boxes, so yeah. I am assuming this means she will stop wanting to try to leave?
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Currently it's a very mild effect. They're free to think whatever they want and do whatever they want, they'll just get electric shocks if they break rules. She can keep trying to leave (just like America, who is also in group A, is attempting to break down that elevator door in spite of his electric shocks).
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/o/ alright thanks


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for clarification, only Group A gets shocked for breaking rules?
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Correct, unless it's part of a specific punishment


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(because Aqua is an overly helpful mage sob) would healing magic work to close open wounds (e.g. those of Romana and Dean) of those who have undergone special experimentation? i am assuming no, but it's never good to assume
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Healing magic will fail on these. For the record, if they are injured further, that can be fixed, but it will return them to the experimented-on state.