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Event: Experiment; Stage Two

As the second week of the experiment opens up, the second stage of group effects activate as well. You do not have to move your character to level two, but you cannot move them back to level one once you have. The effects stack--that is, all stage one effects will still occur for those in stage two.

Group A (level two): Characters will find their thoughts monitored now--thinking in direct opposition to the Tower does not bring shocks, but does bring a feeling of intense incorrectness. An idle mine will find itself falling into thought patterns that involve simply doing their job and living peacefully in the tower, with no thoughts of escape or rebellion. It is possible to resist this, if you pay attention and are stubborn enough.

Group B (level two): The level of paranoia increases. Are those friends of yours really your friends? What if they're not? What if they've been replaced and used as spies? After all, the best type of spy would be one you wouldn't suspect at all, right? And what about the food--is it filled with something? Drugs or poison? What are they doing to you while you sleep?

Group C (level two): The sensory alterations are obvious--figures, shadowy but there, appear right before your eyes. You may feel yourself pulled as someone grabs you, tastes and smells make it seem as if there's definitely something causing them just out of your range of perception. The voices are still faint, but now it sounds as if they're speaking--quiet cries for help, angry exclamations, weeping... Who is it?

Group D (level two): The hopelessness really presses in on you now. There's no point in doing anything, because there's no way anyone is getting out of here. Might as well accept it. Even going through the normal tasks of the day is more difficult, and it's easier to zone out.
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If slightly paranoid little girls were to steal cutlery from the kitchen, would they be able to? And is it plastic or actual metal?
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They're free to take cutlery! It's actual metal, because this is clearly a good idea to be handing out.
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Something I should have asked earlier: does "trying through special powers to take the collar off" (and failing, obviously) count as breaking the rules and earn a shock, or just thinking in opposition to the Tower and earn a feeling?
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Actively attempting to remove the collar will result in a shock.