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Event: Experiment; Stage Three

The final stage of the experiment takes effect. The third level of group effects begin now. It is not mandatory to move your character up a level, but you can't move them back down. Effects stack.

Group A (level three): Only the must stubborn mental effort allows a character to resist doing as the Tower commands them--their movements are lockstep, their thoughts are pushed toward being productive members of the tower, and they are punished with shocks and a general feeling of unease if they misbehave. They are now given their order: kill those who were experimented on surgically.

Group B (level three): There isn't anyone you can trust, is there? Second-guessing is second-nature, but you've figured it out now. Most of the people here have just been brainwashed--after all, everyone's acting weird, and even some of the ones who aren't are saying you are. For now these victims of brainwashing can't be trusted, but you know how to fix that: killing the characters who were experimented on surgically will make everything better.

Group C (level three): Hands claw at you, shriveled-up corpses crawl to you and beg for help, the smell of blood is so thick you can taste it. Something's gone terribly wrong, and while you can't quite see it, all your senses are telling you it's obvious. The others in the tower look injured and in pain; the surgical victims look like horrible vicious monsters ready to attack. You'd better kill them before they kill you.

Group D (level four): Everything is just awful. No one's escaping, no one's going to be unmolested here. You're going to suffer forever. It's a struggle to even leave your bed. Why bother? Then inspiration. The escape has to be death. You should kill the others in the Tower, and then there won't be anyone to suffer. You feel as if you should start with those who were surgically tormented--they're suffering the worst, after all.

Surgical experiment victims who are killed will not revive until the end of the event. This event will last until 11:59pm October 31 or until the last surgical experiment subject is killed, whichever comes first.


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Link is probably not going to ever bend to that, considering what she's been through. : |;;;

Would she actually get shocked enough for refusing to kill the Experiment Victims that she might die herself? Or would it just knock her out? How bad are we talking, here?

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This is a question I should have asked a long time ago. If pets die do they come back again? Or are they gone forever?

Just... cannonically Piccolo tends to try and bite the noses of those who try and hurt Romeo... but I dont think I could make Romeo loose Piccolo permamently as well as everything else I am doing to him... so just wanted to know for plotting purposes

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Kanaya is going to be double teamed by Sade and Karkat

Molly is going to kill Romeo

does anyone want to kill or be killed by Molly or Santana? =3c

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You up for Eiji trying to intervene in Romeo's case? :0

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OK guys I ain't a surgery victim, but I got one or two ways I could go with the assbird here, and I need your opinions because of indecision.

For one, I could just have Ankh go axe crazy, in which case, who wants to be killed by the assbird? :B

On the other hand, Ankh is technically possessing another person's body, so assuming it has to do with the collars mostly, Ankh could separate from Shingo and he'll just. Chill as a floating arm. And possibly Shingo might end up going on the rampage instead, but he's much less likely to kill someone since he's not supernatural, but it could potentially lead to some interesting nonsense later. I guess this also sort of counts as a question idk?

Sooo~ any ideas, anybody?

And on a magical third hand, does anyone wanna get killed by Ven?

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Romeo is going to be killed by Molly! SOB And also protected by Romano who is not part of the event, anyone who wants to try and kill Romeo and fail is welcome to!

Taiki is going to collapse in a twisted traumatic mess of two completely opposite compulsions pulling at him.

Suzaku is open to killing people though!
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There needs to be a roommate fight IT IS DESTINY. America will be fighting his orders so him running off could end it without Romeo dying.
Edited 2011-10-24 20:55 (UTC)

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Any way we can work in Ψiioniic meeting up with Romeo and trying to protect him? After Signless tries to kill him he'll be on the run and worried about the others. Not that he's going to be much help without his powers, so Molly will still be able to kill Romeo, lol

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Milagro will be fighting back, but she can't fight forever. Who wants to come after her?
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[personal profile] fifty 2011-10-24 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Milagro is one of the people America will try to protect in spite of his orders to the contrary :|a

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I would love something between Santana and Milagro.

I just like them.

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Aradia is going to be slowly getting more and more unable to control hr horror- she's dealt with crazy shit, and even with having dead people talking to her but this is more than even she's had to handle before, at least in terms of scale.

So yeah, she's going to be going a little off-kilter, if anyone needs someone to kill them off.

Chidori isn't affected by any of this, and she's probably going to have her hands full with Minato- but if anyone wants her help to try and talk sense to people, I'm all in.
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Signless is probably going to kill Psiioniic, but if Psiioniic gets away, he may hide with Sollux, who will be trying to kill him.

...Want to help your matesprit kill his ancestor, Aradia?

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fifty: (☆ it's the new weapo)

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America's going to be trying to fight his orders but he's very prone to slipping and attempting to kill you if you are an experiment victim EXCEPT he is protecting Milagro and Dean because citizens. SO if you want him to try to kill you/actually kill you that is a possibility and also if you try to kill Dean or Milagro he will attack you.

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Abel has violent compulsions without experimentation, so with... he will probably try to kill people without much ceremony about it sldkjf. (He's in group A!)

If you're interested in something happening, feel free to let me know?! We can work out non-lethal confrontations, too! Cain can always (try to) stop him.

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'Sup vampire hunter guy, wanna mistake this ugly mug for one of the experiments? =D

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So I totally volunteer Fawkes to be protective of experiment folks who need it/want it. I also volunteer him to be mistaken for an experiment 'cause he is one ugly-ass mofo and he's gone too long without dealing with people attacking him for being a huge green monster.

Eiji will be dealing with trying to corral Ankh and get the snot beat out of him by Molly, but I'm open to more with the magic hobo.

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Luke's gone through mind-altering stuff before, and considering this, I think he's gonna break from Level 3 of Group D. Instead of KILL EVERYONE, he's probably gonna go KEEP EVERYONE FROM KILLING EVERYONE 'COS MIND-ALTERING JAZZ IS GOING ON.

This is probably going to lead to Luke and his novice fencing skills trying to defend whoever he comes across. So. Anyone want to have the most ridiculous protector? :B

As for Roxas...yeah he's gonna go hole himself up and hide again because Group B Level 2 and his instinct is to hide when paranoid. So, if you wanna try to kill him, go ahead and try- but he is NOT going to let himself die a third time.

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If anyone wants Terezi to attack them, I am totally up for it :3

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so like. considering what Aqua and the other members of the KH cast have figured out about death and rezzing in the tower, Level 3 Group B Aqua will probably have the logic that killing the experimented-upon people will be the quickest way to get them back to normal and out of pain. and she's suspicious of everyone now anyways, so hey, maybe they're actually spies for the tower, she's covering her bases either way

basically, if you'd like an Aqua to paranoia!mercykill you, she will, just give me the word D; for England, for all his pessimism, this guy will fight tooth and nail to keep what's his, dignity and independence included. he'll be resigned to life sucking forever, but i doubt he'll be killing anyone. his morale would probably be boosted from having people to keep safe, though, so...

tl;dr i can offer Aqua for murder and England for protection! c:

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Oh boy. >3 Karasu may or may not be bumped up for this, simply because killing things is what he likes to do, so if anyone wants him to either blindobedience!kill or heyyou'rekindacute!kill them lemme know.

As for Marce, she's not in any of the groups or anything, but she's definitely going to be fighting to protect herself at the very least, so if anyone wants her to gang up with or something, again, let me know. :3

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Romana's pretty much taking a headshot from Femspana, but I will be making a post if people want to try and get her. But yeahhhhh, she's kinda been wanting it to end, and really, she's pretty sure she'll wake up again anyway. But suicide is frowned upon so. Headshot.

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W E L P.

Link will be fighting this with all her might; she'd sooner drop all her weapons than kill |D;;;; On the other hand, Minato is totally probably going to kill people. Or himself.

Whichever comes first.

... So, who wants an insane teen with the power of his psyche/death, good aim with a gun and swordwork to wack them?