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Event: Malfunction; End

There's another voice heard in the Tower. It's not the girl from before, though, it's a computer.

"Machine repair complete. Stabilized. Repairing Tower. Please wait."

All characters pass out. They will wake one hour later in their dormitory rooms. The Tower's floors are back, in fact, it's added some more:

The elevator the characters may use now services the 21st floor.

Floor Twenty-Five: It's always springtime weather on this floor, which is a flower-filled meadow.

Yes, that's it. Suspicious? Maybe, but it's completely innocent.

Floor Twenty-Four: Most of the time--99% of the time, in fact--this room is an empty one. If you happen to be incredibly unlucky, though, you'll find yourself suddenly at the far side of the room, faced with a large, shadowy mass. If you don't get to the stairs and exit the floor in time, it will skin you alive and remove your organs until you die.

Floor Twenty-Three: This floor seems to be missing. You will immediately reach floor twenty-four going up and floor twenty-two going down, but you'll have the feeling that you've gone through a floor in between you just can't remember. You'll have the urge to go back down and see what you missed, and then go up again, and then down, endlessly. If you give into this urge, you'll start to disappear little by little as well, until you vanish entirely.

Floor Twenty-Two: An art gallery fills this floor. Its paintings seem to span many worlds, and you may find a few paintings from home in this place. Not all the paintings are of the normal kind, however; take a wrong turn and you'll find yourself surrounded by paintings of terrible atrocities, realistic gore, or your worst fears.

Floor Twenty-One: Floor twenty-one is a restaurant. Its food tends to be of higher quality than the cafeteria, but you have to pay for it. It doesn't cost money, however; they will request a random object from the tower, and you have to bring it to them. Sometimes it's as simple as a pillow from the dormitories, but you could easily be sent chasing down a specific fish in the aquarium.

If you agree to the task and don't return with it within 24 hours, they'll take something from you: a piece of your body. Hopefully it's a finger and not a lung.

That's not the only bit of redecoration, though. No, maybe this will be of more importance to the residents of the Tower: monsters now roam the floors. During the day things are relatively safe, but at night they're quite dangerous. Do be careful.