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Event: Is This Home?; Stage One

So, who's taken control of the Tower? Well, maybe it doesn't matter--they're sending you home! Isn't that great? Characters will begin vanishing from the Tower--any who do not wish to participate will remain in the Tower, with its rapidly dwindling population. Characters who vanish return home!

Except it's not exactly home. This is a custom-built nightmare for your characters--whatever their worst home-related fears are, they will arrive in their world to find it has occurred. Maybe no one knows who you are, maybe everyone else is dead, maybe your absence has made your world turn out worse. Maybe your absence has made it better, and everyone wishes you would go away again.

There is no one else with you who knows what the Tower is--even those who should normally share worlds will find the friend or enemy they spent months in Animus with doesn't know what they're talking about.

This part of the event will last for one day. You can use this log for writing about your characters' worlds.

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When they're brought home, do their belongings in the tower disappear?
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If two people share a world and are both sent home, can we have them sent to the same "world"? Or is it specifically always a personal hell?

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If we choose to keep characters in the Tower today, can they potentially participate in future stages of the plot? :o
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