02 April 2014 @ 03:20 pm
While this isn't technically a drop, I figured it would be proper protocol to at least post something on the main forums so.

When the rest of the characters left outside the Tower are brought back in, Rick will not be joining them! His E-rank luck is going to hit him hard one last time in the surrounding city's biggest factory, and following some as-of-yet-undetermined shenanigans, he's not going to make it out alive. That means permadeath!

I have mod confirmation that Rick's possessions will still be in the Tower, for anyone that wants them for...reasons. I think that list is up-to-date.

Anyway, since Rick is my only character here, this also means that I'm basically dropping the game. Guys, it's been amazing being here--as the first game I apped into since almost three years of rp-hiatus, I couldn't have found a better community to take me in and get me motivated again. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see how this all ends, and I'm looking forward to playing with you all again sometime!

Have fun friends! :3
01 April 2014 @ 01:05 am
The following characters did not check in during the activity check and are in danger of removal if they do not reply to this post:

Warned List )

You have until 11:59PM EST April 2nd to reply to this post with activity. If we have made a mistake/you know this person is on hiatus/has activity, please reply!

If you wish, you may ask for a second chance. This will allow you to skip this activity check. However, you will have to provide double activity (twenty comments) in the following activity check, and you may not second chance twice in a row.
31 March 2014 @ 11:41 pm
Zo wakes up just as the final March the Tower will see fades away. He sits up as soon as his eyes open, as if he'd never been asleep at all, and vanishes into an elevator down into the administrative level--he has a job to do, after all. But, perhaps ten minutes later, Zo's voice can be heard through the intercoms in the Tower.

"Thank you for waking me up. What happened--um, it's a little hard to explain, but I saw a lot of things, and-- The people who disappeared, they ended up outside. It was an accident, but they're close now, so I can reach them and bring them back in from where they are now. And, um...

I have to bring people in again, but this is the last time I'm gonna do it. Ruana can't make me do it anymore."

The residents who were thrown outside the Tower will, one by one, pass out. They will wake back up on the morning of April 1st in their beds in the Tower. This does not count as a death, and any items they found and took with them outside will still be with them. Any items they left in the Tower will be in their trunks. Any injuries sustained outside of the Tower will remain, and collar fluid status also remains the same.

Characters who spoke to Zo while he was unconscious receive an item from home and a "thank you" note. Characters who were sent outside receive an item from home and an "I'm sorry" note. Regains must be approved here.
31 March 2014 @ 08:28 am
Sorry guys but I am announcing the drop of Brunwulf within the game. I have found it increasingly hard to motivate myself with Brunwulf in game and real life has become that much more busy. I am sorry to have to drop him but I feel this is the best option in the long term. It's been great having threads with all that have threaded with this Nord.

Thanks for the good times.
28 March 2014 @ 12:05 pm
It has come to our attention that a member of the playerbase has been harassing people within the game and generally making them uncomfortable while refusing to stop. We have been given concrete evidence of this occurring to multiple players, and in light of that the player in question has been banned. We would like to remind people of our harassment policies: namely, if you repeatedly and knowingly cross the boundaries of others we reserve the right to ban you without a warning. We would also like to ask that anyone who has a problem with another player please come to us right away, especially if you have evidence to provide us with. This will help us be able to deal with the situation much more quickly.

Thank you,
Tower of Animus Administration
25 March 2014 @ 09:30 am
It has taken quite some time to travel there, but the residents who were cast out of the Tower have finally reached the city that surrounds the Tower. It's an eerie place, and they have to hurry back, but there may be a few things to discover here...

Meanwhile, in the Tower, a frightened voice--Aria's voice--comes over an intercom. It crackles and skips, and it's clear the power for it won't last long. Still, the message is a simple one.

"Zo needs your help. Please come here."

Those who heed Aria's call will find Zo in the hidden floor of the Tower.
25 March 2014 @ 12:26 am
Time for activity check! Here's how it works.

To pass activity check, you must have ten comments within this past month. These comments do not all have to take place within the same thread or post (though it'd be more convenient for us to check, hint hint).

You have until 11:59PM March 31st to reply to this post with links to your activity! If you don't have enough activity yet, please try to get some together by then. You will need to check in each character individually, but please post them all in one comment if possible.

If you do not reply to the Activity Check, you will have until 11:59 PM April 2nd to reply to the list of those who missed AC with your explanation/activity; with a good reason, you will pass the AC. If you cannot pass AC or fail to provide an explanation, you will be dropped.

If you wish, you may ask for a second chance. This will allow you to skip this activity check. However, you will have to provide double activity (twenty comments) in the following activity check, and you may not second chance more than three times.

Characters who joined the game in the last application cycle are exempt from this activity check. Anyone on hiatus is exempt from this activity check.

Please reply using this form!

23 March 2014 @ 08:58 am
The Tower is eerily silent and still--the power and glamour have shut down without warning, leaving only the sudden downpour of rain and thunder rolling in the distance. For one hour the Tower remains such, as if suspended in time. But then--then, there is something that sounds the way metal tastes and feels the way a drum pounds. It shivers and pulses its way up and down the Tower. Then there is a voice, and it's Zo's, and it's sad and angry and frightened and aware, too aware, all at once--

"This place is too dangerous. It's too dangerous. This place doesn't save anyone at all."

The reality of the Tower cracks in half, as if the border had been snapped in two. Many residents, caught up in the twisting, vanish, and the Tower is silent again.

Those who vanish reappear in an empty, grey field. It is perfectly silent and perfectly dead. The sky is a perfect void, and there is only one point of light breaking the otherwise perfect darkness: a gleaming Tower in the distance. You can feel something in your collars--an uneasy, static warning. They won't last out here.

You are outside. You are without your abilities and your items. You must get back inside.

All those who have found themselves outside the Tower will find they have no abilities and no items with them. For those who have not had their collar fluid replaced and only have false powers, it makes sense: you are far beyond the reach of the Tower's glamour. For those who have real abilities, there is a much more ominous and sinister feeling. It's as if your body is too big for itself. You have the feeling if you linger you will fall to pieces. And this is true, because outside of the Tower, the wireframe bodies cannot last. The characters must travel back to the Tower as quickly as possible. For now, there are no apparent dangers except that of time. Be aware that any characters who die outside the Tower will be permanently killed. They will not be able to be applied for again with their current memories.

As many of your characters as you wish may have been pulled outside the Tower. A log has been put up here to thread out interactions and travel.
20 March 2014 @ 01:55 am

Sir Lancelot, aka the Servant Berserker, aka Mister Hide-Your-Wife, has been absent from the Game for a much longer while than I originally anticipated he would be in February! Needless to say, he's missed a lot. Fortunately, he's been his Insane Servant self for that entire time-- and indeed, he still is.

Unless otherwise requested by any patient souls, I'm letting his old threads drop and starting afresh. If you've got anything for which you'd especially like a Mad Knight around, please draw my attention to it! If we had good CR before my unplanned and lengthy absence, I'll assume we're still on unless you inform me differently-- which I'd certainly understand, after all this time!

Happy to be rejoining you all!
18 March 2014 @ 10:12 am
Hey. Veronica!mun here. I'll be going on a hiatus for a while to do some canon reviewing for Veronica. Which means that following the Sephiroth fight she'll just disappear for a while.

Be back soon!
17 March 2014 @ 02:29 pm
Hey guys, Gorse here.

Unfortunately, it's become increasingly obvious that Dani isn't working out like I'd hoped. A lot of that is my fault, and I'd really prefer to try and stay and fix it. But unfortunately, I'm in my final semester of college, and it's rather brutal, with no sign of letup anytime soon. So in my own personal best interests, I'm going to drop her and lighten my load and personal stresses.

Even if I didn't do as good of a job with her as I wanted, there were a lot of moments I had fun with, and I wanted to thank everyone who played with her!

I'm still here with Xion! I'll be sticking around with her until endgame, barring any extenuating circumstances.
17 March 2014 @ 02:38 am
So just a quick note to say I've been feeling really under the weather lately (stubborn flu just won't go away...) so putting Rolo on hiatus for now for a week or till I feel better.

14 March 2014 @ 03:45 pm
Hey guys. I told myself I was definitely going to stick around until endgame, but it seems circumstances have changed. I really don't feel as motivated anymore, so after a long time I'll finally be backing out of the game with Urotsuki. Playing with everyone here was tons of fun though and I'll definitely be stalking the endgame from a distance. Stay cool, Animus. ♥
12 March 2014 @ 01:10 am
Hi everybody!  This is Troy Mc- I mean, Zen here. You may know me from other characters such as Reno.

This lovely lady I bring you here is Grainne, of Fate/Zero and Irish mythology fame! She is an AU version, where she was summoned into the Fourth War as a Caster. She's taken immediately after her death as a Servant. She's one of ten daughters of High King Cormac mac Airt of Ireland and one-time wife of Diarmuid. Her collar is violet, and she's rooming all by her lonesome in 1-17. She has permissions on her journal for her Noble Phantasms in case she gets in a tussle because she's not a physical fighter by any means (Caster class, you know.)

Anyway, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] offduty if you want to do any plotting! I shall have an intro post up for her tomorrow and I look forward to her making friends  being awkward at everyone.
12 March 2014 @ 08:39 am
Hello there free people of Animus. Wilhelm here and back in the game! Not with a crazy scientist or a king of evil this time around though, nope. This is Princess Hilda from A Link Between World, yet another character from the Legend of Zelda lore.

To summarize her, she is the Princess of Lorule (essentially the Dark World, or rather a Dark World-like dimension) and is altogether a darker counterpart to the Zelda from her world. She's not evil but pretty much lacks the wisdom that characterizes her counterpart. Everything else is too spoilery to be said here. She is in room 1-03 and her collar color is blue.

I'm on Plurk over at [plurk.com profile] esthar_president, feel free to add me.
11 March 2014 @ 09:05 am
Hey guys, Venus here.

So starting tomorrow, I'll be heading into a high school for my pre-internship, and I'll be teaching one or two classes a day, marking assignments, helping out with extracurricular, and all that fun stuff. This lasts just over three weeks, and after I return, I have six assignments due in rapid succession. Needless to say, I'm going to be really, really busy, so to avoid complete exhaustion, I'll be taking a hiatus.

I should be gone until April 11th at the latest, and he'll be on autopilot for the month. I'll try to tag once in a while when I have some spare time, but I can't promise activity, so it's safer to hiatus now.

I'm sorry to anyone I had plans with. I'll backtag or drop threads as preferred by my threading partners when I return.
09 March 2014 @ 03:47 pm
Hello, everyone! It's Fox, player of Kariya Matou [OU] and Caster (Gilles de Rais) [OU]

I realize I didn't actually post a hiatus notice here, but I was indeed on hiatus, and now I have returned. Kariya and Caster were both back on their home worlds. Now Kariya is back, and Caster will be returning in the next week or two.

If anything requires my attention, or you'd like to continue, handwave, or plan something new with Kariya or Caster, let me know! If not, I will simply leap awkwardly back into the fray.
07 March 2014 @ 03:20 pm

i am back with dear weenie kidou again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just in time too

his room is 1-06 and his collar is yellow! my plurk is sousuii for those of you who want to add me and for those of you who dont know who kidou is, he's from the soccer anime/game inazuma eleven! hes an orphan oniisan whos big on justice and runs around in a cape and goggles and hes been to animus before... for over a year, actually. and speaking of that hes keeping his memories SO YEAH!!!!!
07 March 2014 @ 10:06 am
Hello everyone! I'm Isa, and I'm jumping on board just in time for endgame with Rapunzel from Tangled.

Rapunzel here is in room 1-01 with Xion, Franziska von Karma, and Wriggle Nightbug! She's got a green collar, a lot of miscellaneous skills, and when she sings her hair glows and heals people. When she's not singing, her hair is 70 feet long and she can use it like a lasso.

I'm on plurk over at [plurk.com profile] isanemone if you want to hit me up for plotting or anything! I'm looking forward to being here.
06 March 2014 @ 11:34 pm
'Sup there, Animus - former old-guard Wingus here comin' back for endgame, but bringin' in a totally new dude instead of one of my prior characters. This is Phaeris the Powerful, from Wakfu, a really rad French cartoon that everyone should totally watch.

Phaeris is a grumpy dragon that can shapeshift, so he usually goes around looking like he stepped out of the cast of Gargoyles. Also, he comes from near the end of the second season and has some issues that are pretty spoilery for the second season and the series at large, so if you wanna avoid those, here is a permissions post for that.

His collar is indigo, and he's rooming in room 1-04 with Ghirahim, Brunwulf, and Kirei. (A dragon and a dragonborn in the same room, this should be fun!)

I'm over on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] wingus for if you wanna grab hold of me for plottin' stuff or whatever. o/