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Event: Fun and Games; End

As the winners and losers either return to or wake up in the Tower, they'll find a note:

"Game over! Some of you won, some of you lost, but I hope it was interesting. Because you were all so entertaining, I've made it so none of you are infected anymore. You're welcome!"

For winners of the game these notes are attached to a voucher for a free meal at the restaurant.

For losers of the game, no matter if they lost in the first hour or in the last, these come attached to the (now repaired) teddy bear they used in the game--or a new bear, if they were one of those who participated in the game in spite of not having one. These bears, no matter how often they're destroyed, will always return to their owner's room.

Note: There's still time to have your character participate in this event! If you post to the hiding spots thread in the event post within one week, you will still be allowed to participate.